A bit about my professional background and offerings. . .


Since beginning my health coaching practice in 2007, I have worked with hundreds of people looking to improve their health, happiness, and overall well-being. My clients resonate with my multi-faceted and holistic approach to food, diet, nourishment, movement, and self-care. I am dedicated to helping my clients discover and listen to their innate body wisdom.  This empowering practice allows one to be self-referencing and discerning as to what approaches, philosophies, and ways of living and being in the world are best for them.  I love exploring various healing possibilities with my clients and supporting them to embrace what aligns with their unique needs.

As a yoga teacher, I honor the transformative power of yoga asana, breath, and meditation and believe that as we give ourselves permission to pause and turn inward that we can access our deepest reservoir of strength to help us navigate the changing tides of our lives. I believe that the outer changes we desire in our lives must be accompanied by an inner shift and evolution that comes with commitment to consistent heart-centered practice on and off the mat.  

I’m a lover of practicing and teaching restorative yoga as a counterpoint to the swirl of daily life.  It is a deeply replenishing practice that allows us to slow down, soften our gaze, and go within.  My flow style classes offer rejuvenating and fluid sequences guided by Shiva Rea's Prana Vinyasa methodology that serve to leave my students feeling anchored in a deeper sense of themselves and more in tune with their subtle body and inner landscape.

In addition to offering one-on-one coaching, workshops, and teaching studio classes and private yoga, I have also served as a speaker and facilitator for various schools, offices, and organizations including American University, Georgetown University, and the United States Senate.


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