“Clearly recognizing what is happening inside us, and regarding what we see with an open, kind and loving heart, is what I call Radical Acceptance. If we are holding back from any part of our experience, if our heart shuts out any part of who we are and what we feel, we are fueling the fears and feelings of separation that sustain the trance of unworthiness. Radical Acceptance directly dismantles the very foundations of this trance.”

-Tara Brach, from Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha

I started working with Kerrie following some extremely unhealthy attempts with fad diets and had generally lost sense of how to be healthy in mind, body, or spirit. After talking with Kerrie, she helped design a nutrition plan that fit my needs. Instead of the drastic, harsh ways I was accustomed to identifying with “health”, I found a gradual, gentle way of living which made an almost instant effect in how I felt about my body. I learned to experiment with different ideas until I found something that fit me. Far from forcing myself into some pre-determined idea of ‘health’, I found ways to incorporate new skills into my life while Kerrie helped walk me through the entire process. I now have a lifestyle that I am comfortable with instead of a ‘diet plan’ that I feel obligated to follow. I strongly encourage anyone who feels lost or unhappy with their current state of health to take this opportunity to work with this understanding professional and discover your own path to a happy, healthy life.
— G.M., Student, Washington, DC
Kerrie - first, I know I say it often, but I really do feel truly blessed to have a teacher like you in my life. Working with you has been so incredibly healing and empowering, I would not quite know where to even begin. You have helped me to start to see, and love, myself for who I really am. You have helped me learn how to listen to what is in my heart, and ask what it is I am really craving from my life. Through all of this a new kindness has entered my life. A kindness towards myself and my journey. A self love has emerged, one that I had never really known how to show or how to feel for that matter. You have helped me learn to trust who I am and the path that I am following, and that the answers I am looking for are always right below the surface, within me, waiting for me to listen. So thank you for that. Thank you for your kindness, wisdom and compassion, for being a part of my life and my healing journey. 
— Leah E., International Public Health Specialist, Washington, DC
I was introduced to Kerrie by a dear friend who had met her through their intersecting yoga practices. At the time, I was recovering from a restrictive eating disorder and seeking help managing my anxiety, and though I had met with a variety of specialists, I was struggling to find a “Counselor-Type-Figure” who understood and valued my full range as a person. I had a real fear of being pigeonholed as one particular kind of person or patient. Meeting Kerrie was a respite; she immediately made me feel safe based on her intelligence and her capacity. Together, we have worked on embracing and integrating paradoxes in particular. She has approached our relationship with care, commitment and flexibility as my life has taken me from place to place in the last 3 years. It’s been a gift to work with someone as invested, creative and kind as Kerrie.
— Susannah E., San Francisco, CA
“Even people who feel relatively confident about healthy food choices may benefit from working with Kerrie.  With a kind, gentle approach Kerrie provides space enough to let the spirit unravel.  In working with Kerrie over the past 6-months I have gained a greater sense of awareness of my emotional world and how that affects my overall happiness, health, and stress-level.  It is her deep sense of knowing another human and intuitive nature that made some of our sessions feel like a “massage to the soul.”  I am so grateful to Kerrie, for her gentle push that has carried me towards a freer, clearer way of existing.”
— Laura K., Sales Account Executive, Massachusetts
I’m so glad I met Kerrie.

With every single meeting I had with her, I experienced a new “Aha!” moment.   Initially, I thought I would be seeing (just) a nutritionist… someone to advise me on how to make sure I was getting enough protein and nourishment living as a vegetarian, and how to reignite my sudden lack of interest in exercise.  But as it turned out our meetings became much more… Kerrie became my life coach.  She helped me in so many aspects of my life… grief over the loss of my sweet Mother, to unbelievable stress on the job, to setting boundaries between my career and my personal life.   She introduced me to some amazingly delicious leafy greens and provided me with many alternatives to my boring oat cereal and skim milk breakfasts.   Her gentle approach made it easy to share personal information.  She helped me learn how to relax and set aside time during my busy days to enjoy some quiet moments. 

Kerrie enriched my life, and I’m very grateful for having met her. 
— Nancy Reston, Virginia
I worked with Kerrie for over a year and she helped me completely change the way I look at food and diet.  I have a lot of dietary constraints due to several health conditions and she helped me find alternatives.  She also helped me to think about food differently and to not get down on myself when I didn’t eat the right thing.   I have released judgement and anxiety around food and feel so much more relaxed about my food choices.  It has made all the difference in the world and it was a totally unexpected side benefit of working with Kerrie.  I highly recommend working with her! 
— Berit Coleman, Boulder, CO
My experience working with Kerrie has been such a unique experience.  Kerrie filled my life with a safe space to express myself without judgement.  She demonstrates so eloquently with her words and listening ear how through the power of allowing that even I could radically shift my life in many more ways than just my health.  But a fundamental shift in how I connect to my heart and live from that place.  I learned that less is more, not just in nature but in my entire life.  Today I now choose to live by that mantra.  Less is more.  I wish for anyone who is seeking a gentle yet profound experience to work with Kerrie on steping into the possibility of healing!
— Joseph Krafft, Licensed Massage Therapist, Austin, TX
Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. You made me feel so validated and empowered to take steps toward healing. I’m realizing that the restrictions I put on myself were a form of self-loathing which doesn’t allow space for radical self care or improved health. You’ve been such a catalyst to get me on this journey, I really can’t thank you enough!
— Sarah, Photographer, Aspen, CO
I was training for a 100 mile ultra marathon and knew that I was going to be up for some long and hard training runs.  Because of all the intense and long running I was going to do, I wanted to make sure that I started eating the best foods possible that will allow me to perform and recover to the best of my ability. I met with Kerrie and immediately she gave me information that very easy for me to incorporate into my everyday life. In just 3 weeks, I started seeing results! I was recovering a lot faster from my workouts and my endurance and strength was increasing. I even placed 2nd women in one of my races! I’m looking forward to working more with Kerrie and learning more. 
— Gaby Gorman, Washington, DC
A cleanse...you’ve got to be kidding!  Those were my first thoughts as a well nourished, “well into middle age” woman when Kerrie suggested I do a cleanse.  I am not drinking cayenne pepper flavored water and go without real food for days!!  What a relief it was to discover that Kerrie’s definition of a cleanse was eating really “clean” food - healthy grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, clean white meat or fish and a flavorful vegetable broth.  The return on this investment for me was weight loss, gastrointestinal efficiency and feeling “lighter on my feet”.  I did it at a point in my weight loss journey where I had plateaued.  This experience “jump started” the next segment of my weight loss/getting healthy journey.  I have since volunteered to “cleanse” a second time after the Thanksgiving holiday and in preparation for the Christmas eating season!  It takes a personal commitment, planning and being organized so that you have on hand all you need to make it successfully happen.  I am grateful for the physical and emotional benefits that come from being “lighter on my feet”.
— Betty P., Social Worker, Alexandria, VA
Kerrie introduced me to many different nutritional theories, diets and new foods.  She emphasizes that there is no one “right diet.”  She encourages you to experiment until you find the healthy foods and habits that feel right for your body.  As a nutrition/lifestyle coach, she takes a holistic approach that goes beyond nutrition - - good health includes “primary foods” such as exercise, positive relationships, attention to spirituality.  Kerrie is very supportive and brings much positive energy and enthusiasm to her sessions.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to expand their health horizons!
— S. Logan, Mclean, VA
Kerrie truly changed my life. I spent over half of my life obsessed with calorie counting and binge eating whenever I got stressed.  I didn’t quite have an “eating disorder” but the thought of food, numbers, and the desire to be thin overtook my entire physical, mental and emotional health. Then I met Kerrie. She worked with me to enjoy the taste of nourishing food, accept my body and my soul just the way it is, appreciate movement, and most of all to love myself. I was taught that food isn’t good or bad and that I am not good or bad for eating a certain food. I learned that happiness doesn’t depend on the amount of calories that I eat. Most of all I learned that it is okay to be vulnerable. 

Kerrie makes your growth process about you.  She listens in a way that is completely separate from traditional talk therapy. Kerrie gets to the underlying root of the issue while still focusing on your overarching goal. She is flexible about meeting in her office or even over the phone, so that time is never an issue. Kerrie pushes you just out of your comfort zone but never ever too far. She is incredible. 
— Ilana, Gaithersburg, Maryland
After months of seeing various doctors for digestive issues, insomnia and stress management (loaded up on medication and getting nowhere), I contacted Kerrie.  From the very first conversation I knew that she was the right person to guide me on my path to a healthier life.  Kerrie is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I have ever met.  We got together on a regular basis for a few months, and she literally changed my life.  Through what she, and now I, likes to call “self care” and paying more attention to why I was having issues, I am now free from my medications, sleep better than ever before, and can handle any stress life throws at me.  If there is anyone out there who is looking for a healthier life in general, and a friend to help you meet and exceed your expectations, Kerrie is your answer! 
— Jacob Edgar, Alexandria, VA
I have so much gratitude for Kerrie’s one-week winter cleanse that I participated in in February 2013. The first day of my cleanse was the same day as Super Bowl, which was very challenging and empowering all at the same time, especially on the biggest pizza day of the year! My original intent for joining the cleanse was to help reset my body after having chronic digestive issues. I learned great everyday practices such as waking up each morning with warm water with lemon, writing in a journal about how I was eating and feeling, but the most rewarding part of the cleanse was the unexpected - simply learning how to cook and trusting myself in the kitchen. I had always thought I needed a recipe (and needed to follow it to a “T”), to make something well, which caused a lot stress for me and resulted in eating mostly pre-prepared foods. 

While I was on Kerrie’s cleanse I learned to be an artist in the kitchen - to trust myself and my judgement. Who knew you could simply toss veggies together with a little coconut oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt/pepper, and have an incredibly fulfilling meal. I knew everything that was going into my body, I had lovingly prepared it, and it was suddenly stress-free! I saw others go through a similar experience...joining the cleanse with one set of intentions (like weight loss for example) and having a wonderful result that was completely different then they expected (the heartburn they had all their life was completely gone after just removing coffee for a few days)! In a week long cleanse, many of us removed the constants and the comforting, and discovered new things about ourselves to try and embrace. 
— A.B., Washington, DC
I originally began consulting with Kerrie for food plan help – nutritional advice for losing weight. As we worked together over time, Kerrie helped me:

* to identify the connections between my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors
* to see how patterns evolved from past experiences, and the negative ways they were affecting me
* to recognize and let go of self-limiting beliefs
* to redirect my attention and energy to supportive attitudes and behaviors
* to reframe issues and self-talk into more positive terms
* to learn various techniques and modalities for shifting my perspective
* to see the value in giving myself self-compassion
* to define my core values and discover ways to bring my life into alignment with them
* to recognize problems as opportunities
* by introducing me to tools and resources to support me
* by reminding me of those tools and resources, especially of those that had supported me in the past
* by coaching me through challenging life changes, including divorce, serious illness of a child, and death of a parent

Working with Kerrie is one of my cornerstones for living a whole-hearted life. She cheers my successes, reflects back to me the progress I’ve made, and rallies me onward. She helps ground me in the reality of my present experience while also pointing out the possibilities inherent in the challenges. With Kerrie’s help, my life has transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually. I cannot overstate the value I’ve gained from her wisdom, compassion, experience, and intuitive ability.
— (Sheryl S., Tax Lawyer, Arlington, VA)
The past several months I’ve worked with Kerrie as my health coach have literally changed my life.  I contacted her to get some help getting my health back on track after an incredibly busy year at my job with a lot of travel, and a fibroid that caused me great physical pain and stress for many months.  My goals when I started Kerrie’s program were to lose weight and get a handle on how to be healthier when I was on the road for work.  While we have certainly made excellent progress on those fronts, Kerrie has also helped me in so many other incredible ways I never would have imagined.  First, she is an incredible listener, kind, warm and someone you can really talk to.  I had been so frustrated that my doctors last year didn’t take my health concerns/questions seriously, but Kerrie did immediately and genuinely and worked with me on how best I should tackle those health challenges – in an individual way, not in a cookie-cutter “one size fits all” that many other health programs/professionals do.  Feeling validated and listened to would have been worth it alone.  Second, she asks you what YOU want to work on each session and between and introduced me to new concepts that are easy to understand and put into practice.  I have literally had at least one “a-ha” moment at every single session where she has helped me understand in an hour or two things that stumped me for years.  Third, while my starting goal was to work on my physical health, Kerrie has helped me to also pursue “primary foods” – and as a result, I’ve started back to yoga, which I love, and have pushed myself to try new things and have really enjoyed those activities and the challenge of getting outside my old box.  Kerrie is truly a needle in a haystack and I am so grateful that a friend had worked with her years ago and recommended her to me.  Everyone in this town should be lucky to know her and benefit from her caring, education, and vision for your personal health. 
— Danielle L., Washington, DC